Sonia and Ankur

A couple bitten by wanderlust

Who are we?

We are a couple, bitten by wanderlust. Just say ‘travel’, and we will be jumping off our seats and will be ready with a small back pack to set sail! Festivals, nature, wildlife, architecture, history, culture, adventure, food, family, friends… all are our inspiration to travel. We have regular office job, which are dear to us. That is what funds the travel!.

Vegetarian Foodies!

Food-at-Kochi-8We are foodies….and we are vegetarians as well. Yes! One person can don both hats! The ‘hunt’ for vegetarian food in different countries has been an adventure of a different kind, which we have now started enjoying.

Our Travel Style

Our trips are typically comfortable budget holidays, with a couple of days of luxury thrown in. I like to spend time exploring architecture, historical sites and museums. Any and every aqua-related activity interests me. Ankur likes to laze around for most of the time, tan into a cookie, read a book and enjoy his glass of wine. On every vacation, we do a few things that I like and a few things that Ankur likes… that’s what makes each vacation perfect!

Our Bucket List

We have an ever growing bucketlist, which includes:
1.    Getting the SCUBA diving certification
2.    Doing the Samba in the Rio Carnival
3.    Diving a blue hole
4.    Swimming with the orcas
5.    An African safari
6.    Adventure sports in New Zealand
7.    Floating on the Dead Sea
8.    Completing the Trans Siberian train journey
9.    Clinking glasses at the Beer Festival
10.  Visiting Australia to see the kangaroos
….the list goes on….
After every item that we knock off, there are two more to take its place – our drive to work harder, make money and spend it on traveling! Join us as we tick items off our bucketlist!