Bolivia: Packing Tips

Are you planning to visit the Salar-e-Uyuni and get some goofy pictures taken? Or do you intend to simply relax by the blue waters of Lake Titicaca on Isla del Sol, which is believed to be the birth place of the Sun by the Incas? If either of these, or both are on your bucketlist, is it evident that you are planning a trip to Bolivia. While the usual stuff will make its way into your backpack, here are few things that you must have while travelling within Bolivia. Make sure you stock up on all this at the local market in any of the Bolivian cities before you commence your soujourn.

Bolivia Hop: Review

Internal flights in South America cost a fortune, especially if you book last minute tickets. I had blown up so much cash flying from Brazil to Bolivia that flying internally in Bolivia wasn't an option for me. There are no train routes in the country for passengers; rail is used to transport minerals. The only option I had was to hop from one place to another by bus, as most tourists do. So, I hopped on a by Bolivia Hop.