Flashback 2017

This post is a week late; we are almost a week into 2018. However, I could not find time to put things together as we were doing what we love to do most … traveling. To put an end to the 2017 travel calendar, here is the what the year that went by looked like… Bhutan: I went to Bhutan in 2006 and finally got the chance to revisit this lovely country. Ankur and I...
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10 Reasons to visit Taiwan

I am in Taiwan for a week. I am exploring the Southern, the Central and the Northern part of the country. I have seen silvery streams, emerald hills and serene lakes. I have also seen high rises, strong bridges and high speed trains. Though the Taiwanese have progressed, but have preserved their natural gifts. Technology and Nature sing together in harmony. Here are ten reasons to put Taiwan on your travel map ....

What you didn’t know about Taiwan…

So, where do I go next? Taiwan, baby! Sometimes, life throws unexpected surprises at you and my trip to Taiwan is one such surprise. Until a few days ago, there was little that I knew about Taiwan, except that my mini piano, back in the 1980’s came from there. There is no doubt that to an electronics lover, Taiwan is paradise. But there is so much more that this lovely island offers…and I am soon about to explore a little bit of it. I have been reading up a little on Taiwan in order to prepare for the upcoming trip. Here are some interesting facts that I have come across...