Amsterdam: Day Trips

Ankur and I went to Amsterdam about 4 years ago. We spent four days in city and enjoyed the museums, the parks and the walking tours (day and night). However, we did not explore anything around the city, which is a pity, as there is so much see and do all around Amsterdam. Especially during the summer months, the beaches are great picnic spots and the wind mills are ideal for pictures. The next time that we visit the Netherlands, we will make sure that we spend more time exploring little towns around Amsterdam. Here are a few day trips that are on our mind...

Van Gogh Museum: Amsterdam

I first heard of Van Gogh when I started my banking career with the Dutch bank ABN AMRO over a decade ago. Van Gogh Preferred Banking was a select range of services offered by the bank to rich and privilidged. It took me a few attempts to get the pronunciation right to ensure that I do not make a fool of myself in front of my Dutch counterparts. Some fellow bankers raved of Van Gogh's work while others called him the 'tortured painter', without an ear. My naive mind assumed he was deaf. Little did I know that he had cut off his own ear on account of a psychotic episode!

Vegetarian Must Eats in Amsterdam

No trip to the Netherlands is complete without stuffing your face with cheese, the delightful Dutch gouda cheese! But cheese is not the only thing that Netherlands has to offer to the vegetarian taste buds; there is more. Besides cheese, the Dutch love their potatoes, pastries, caramel and apples. I am sure there is a lot more to add in the list, but two days in Amsterdam was too short a time to put together...
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Hosteling in Amsterdam

Ankur and I figured out that hosteling is great way to travel a little late in life… Just about one year ago! Since then, we have made friends with some really interesting people… students, social workers, artists… people brimming with creativity and friendliness… people who were as keen to know about us and India as we were to know about them and their homeland! We now have friends from Columbia, Argentina, Croatia, Australia …from every...
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