Rio de Janeiro: Tips and Advice

Rio is one of the prettiest cities that I have seen. It is warm in summers, the water is blue, the birds are chirping and the locals want to have a good time. Yet, when I was planning my trip to Rio, people warned me to ‘be careful’ and that they would be surprised if I would get back safe and sound. I found it to be very safe for women, unlike my own country, India....
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Top 10 Things To Do In Rio

I spent a week in Rio, primarily on the beach, enjoying the sun and the surf. I loved every minute of it! I went ga-ga over the soft sand and blue waters ... it seemed impossible for me to move from the beach and hop on a bus to explore the city. However, towards the end of the week, I finally bid adieu to the lounge chair and visited some attractions of the city. Here are top ten things that I would recommend to do while you are in Rio ....