Must See


Must See in Prague!

I went to Prague and Budapest earlier this year. Prague made me feel that I was walking through a fairy tale town. There was a castle with spires and music all around. Smell of cinnamon and trdelník filled the air. The sky was blue and the I could see white clouds in all possible animal shapes. It’s a pity that I was in this beautiful city, alone. I missed Ankur and thus, I shall soon be back to make sure that the romance in Prague transcends into our life as well.

Top 10 Things To Do In Rio

I spent a week in Rio, primarily on the beach, enjoying the sun and the surf. I loved every minute of it! I went ga-ga over the soft sand and blue waters ... it seemed impossible for me to move from the beach and hop on a bus to explore the city. However, towards the end of the week, I finally bid adieu to the lounge chair and visited some attractions of the city. Here are top ten things that I would recommend to do while you are in Rio ....

Vienna in Two Days

Most travellers bundle up Vienna, Prague and Budapest together in one trip. Some others, like us, land in Vienna, explore the city and then move on to further explore Austria. Whether you are exploring the capital cities of Europe or are spending more time in Austria, you will possibly end up spending two days in Vienna, which are enough to only get a glimpse of this city. There is so much to explore here - museums, palaces, music and opera, parks, shopping arena and of course, food. If you want to truly experience it all, you will need much more time than just a couple of days.