Must See in Prague!

I went to Prague and Budapest earlier this year. Prague made me feel that I was walking through a fairy tale town. There was a castle with spires and music all around. Smell of cinnamon and trdelník filled the air.


The sky was blue and the I could see white clouds in all possible animal shapes. It’s a pity that I was in this beautiful city, alone. I missed Ankur and thus, I shall soon be back to make sure that the romance in Prague transcends into our life as well.

If you are in Prague, alone, with friends or with the ‘perfect one’, even for a couple of days, make sure that you visit these attractions:

  1. Astronomical clock: The oldest part of the astronomical clock dates back to the early 1400’s and the clock still continues to tick, albeit when it is stopped for overhauling. Legend has it that the maker of the clock was blinded so that he could not recreate the masterpiece. Well, he got back with a vengeance and put the clock to bed; no one could fix it for about a century. Lucky for us, the clock now ticks well and has survived the Nazi uprising and fires. Make sure you are here when the hour strikes…plenty of things move and its a show to see!
  2. Prague Castle: The Prague Castle is a huge temple complex and you should budget pretty much the entire day to explore it well.

    Prague Castle

    What appealed to me most here was the St Vitus Cathedral, a cathedral like none that I have ever seen. It was Gothic architecture represented at its best and had me spellbound for quite a few hours!

  3. Charles Bridge: The construction of the Charles Bridge started in the mid 1300’s and the structure and the life around it fancied me the most while I was in Prague. I spent a few hours on the bridge every evening, hearing the buskers perform and watching tourists take selfies. The sunset from the bridge was breathtaking and I insanely missed Ankur. Even though it is flocked by thousands of tourists, make time to visit the Charles Bridge.

    Charles Bridge- Prague

  4. Jewish Quarter: The 19th century Jewish buildings have a lot to show and share. There are synagogues that give peek into the Jewish beliefs and a graveyard with over 12 burial layers and space given to the Jews to bury their dead was scarce.
  5. Botanical Garden: Not many know that there is a botanical garden in the city of Prague, complete with its very own vineyard. The garden is ideal for a picnic or to click pictures of pretty flowers during the warm summer months. There are some very good and well marked walking trails that will take you uphill, a location that lets you swoon a hundred times saying ‘Prague is so beautiful’!

    Vineyard – Prague

There are many more sites in Prague that I would like to visit, but I will leave them for later….until Ankur and I visit the splendid city again!

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