Budapest …Best Vegetarian Restaurants

I had an awesome time sampling vegetarian food in Budapest. Here are five places that I enjoyed a good meal… Karavan: This is possibly the best and most reasonable place to have Hungarian street food. There is a vegetarian version of almost everything that is available.  You can try the local street food and well as fusion food. The place is busting with tourists of all ages and is easy on the pocket too. I...
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Budapest…for the Vegetarian Soul

It is not very easy being a vegetarian in Europe. In Spain, when I say that I am a vegetarian, the waiters assume that I eat tuna and ham. 'Who does not eat tuna and ham?', is an oft asked question in Spain. I wasn’t expecting Budapest to be a vegetarian-friendly city, especially the local cuisine. I knew that I could find pizza places that would help me survive, but I assumed that the local Hungarian food would be meat dominated and I would end up eating pizza slices all the time that are good on the pocket but bad on the stomach.