Flashback 2017

This post is a week late; we are almost a week into 2018. However, I could not find time to put things together as we were doing what we love to do most … traveling. To put an end to the 2017 travel calendar, here is the what the year that went by looked like… Bhutan: I went to Bhutan in 2006 and finally got the chance to revisit this lovely country. Ankur and I...
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South Vietnam (Saigon) – Four Day Itinerary

Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City, is the biggest city in Vietnam. Obviously, there is a lot of activity... scooters whiz past, vendors sell fresh fruits, locals sip on coffee... all in the wake of modern day construction. I spent three days in Saigon, which were enough to get a feel of the place and see the main attractions. Here is my four day itinerary...

Vietnam: Life after Death

I just got back from Vietnam. I would have loved to spend longer in the country, primarily to learn more about its people, who have fought wars and have tilled fields. There is so much to learn from the Vietnamese ... war tactics, the desire to live, the strength of one's beliefs. In the little time that I had, I got a small peek into the beliefs of the locals. What intrigued me the most was their belief in life after death and traditional practises that carried out to appease the deceased. Read on to know what spiked my interest...