Bhutan: Interesting Facts

There is so much about this little land locked country that will give you a new perspective to life. Ankur and I spent a week in Bhutan, in the beautiful valleys, counting sheep during the day and stars at night. What a wonderful week it was! We would love share a little bit about the country that we learnt during this time...

Vietnam: Life after Death

I just got back from Vietnam. I would have loved to spend longer in the country, primarily to learn more about its people, who have fought wars and have tilled fields. There is so much to learn from the Vietnamese ... war tactics, the desire to live, the strength of one's beliefs. In the little time that I had, I got a small peek into the beliefs of the locals. What intrigued me the most was their belief in life after death and traditional practises that carried out to appease the deceased. Read on to know what spiked my interest...

What you didn’t know about Taiwan…

So, where do I go next? Taiwan, baby! Sometimes, life throws unexpected surprises at you and my trip to Taiwan is one such surprise. Until a few days ago, there was little that I knew about Taiwan, except that my mini piano, back in the 1980’s came from there. There is no doubt that to an electronics lover, Taiwan is paradise. But there is so much more that this lovely island offers…and I am soon about to explore a little bit of it. I have been reading up a little on Taiwan in order to prepare for the upcoming trip. Here are some interesting facts that I have come across...