Sunrise at Angkor Wat: Tips

Do you want to watch the magical sunrise at the Angkor Wat? Almost everyone who visits Siem Reap wants to do the same... and there will be thousands of tourists to give you company. Don't expect to have a quiet and serene moment of enlightenment as dawn breaks! But the funny thing is - even though you know that you will be surrounded by hordes of people at sunrise, there are high chances that you will still make your way to the gardens of the Angkor Wat to watch the sky turn purple, red and orange with the first few rays of the Sun.

Postcards from Angkor: Photoblog

The Angkor temple complex was different. There were hordes of people...backpackers, luxury travellers and large groups ...all there to see the architecture and the artwork. I met travellers who had explored over a dozen temples. Such exploration in three days seemed beyond my caliber. I preferred sticking to the three most common ones ie Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prom...though I must confess that I spent over three hours in each of these temples and would have loved to spend some more! Here are a few of my favourite pictures from Siem Reap...