Angkor Wat: Tips for Your Trip

Everyone raves about the Angkor area…the grandeur of the Angkor Wat temples… the enigma around the faces of Bayon…and gallery of a thousand Budhhas…the list goes on. However, there is stuff that few people tell you, which is good to know if you intend to head to Siem Reap to explore the Angkor area….

  1. Siem Reap, the town closest to the Angkor Area, is as touristy as any city can get in South East Asia. It has an international airport and is connected to major towns in South East Asia. In fact, I found Siem Reap to be as touristy as Phuket!

    At the Siem Reap airport...muck slicker than expected!

    At the Siem Reap airport…much more slick than expected!

  2. There is accommodation to suit every budget at Siem Reap….luxury hotels, budget hotels and backpacker hostels. Some hostels are really good! I stayed in Hostel Siem Reap, which had a great kitchen and a lovely little pool to chill during the afternoon.

    A little plunge pool...to chill in the afternoon

    A little plunge pool…to chill in the afternoon

  3. The dry season is from November to March, which are also the coolest months. Afternoon temperature in the afternoon during these months is ~31 – 33 degrees Celsius. Even though I am from hot and humid Mumbai, I found the heat in Siem Reap too much to handle in the afternoon.

    Something to relieve the afternoon heat....

    Something to relieve the afternoon heat….

  4. The popular temples of Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Phrom are crowded very often. Most people start their visit with Angkor Wat early in the morning. Hence, other temples are relatively deserted during these hours. Angkor Wat is quieter immediately after sunrise when most tourists head back to their hotels for breakfast.

    When all the tourists are at the Angkor Wat, its time to hit Angkor Thom!

    When all the tourists are at the Angkor Wat, its time to hit Angkor Thom!

  5. Vegetarian food is available in plenty… all cuisines… Italian, Khmer, Thai, Indian! In fact, the gelateria in Siem Reap offers gelatos as good as those served in Europe. I would recommend trying out the Khmer cuisine for sure… its less spicy than it’s Thai counterpart. My taste buds had a gala time!

    Raw papaya salad...yum yum yum!

    Raw papaya salad…yum yum yum!

  6. I never saw anyone being pulled up for baring their shoulders or knees (either of these is not allowed in any Buddhist temple). However, I would strongly urge you to respect local customs while visiting the temples.
  7. A lot of walking is involved while exploring the temples. There are steep steps and crumbly rocks at places. Wear comfortable shoes.

    Steep steps to the top...at the Angkor Wat

    Steep steps to the top…at the Angkor Wat

  8. Read up a little on the Khmer history and Hinduism. It will enhance your experience… trust me! Little kids sell guide books at the Angkor Wat at about sunrise. Strike a good bargain and get your self one.
  9. Visiting the museum should the first item on your list…before visiting any temple. There is so much to observe in the temples, which you may overlook if you are not looking for it! Guides don’t take you through every tiny detail.

    Angkor Museum...must visit before any temple!

    Angkor Museum…must visit before any temple!

  10. There are no audio guides available for any of the temples. Hiring a guide at the entrance of the Angkor Wat is your best bet. Reach early in the morning… at least an hour before sunrise to ensure that you do get a guide to take you around.
  11. Pub Street is a lively area and has plenty of restaurants. There is a Hard Rock Cafe here as well. Night life is pretty active in Siem Reap.

    Time to party!

    Time to party!

  12. Do make time to visit the Night Market. Its a great place to buy souvenirs at a bargain. While most souvenirs seemed mass produced in a factory, there were still occasional shops that did have authentic handicrafts.

    Shopping in Night Market

    Shopping in Night Market

  13. Too much of walking? Tired? Head to one of the many massage parlours in and around Pub Street for a foot massage.

    A massage for the aching feet

    A massage for the aching feet

  14. The Khmer region has a rich cultural history. There are plenty of shows that let you take peek into the cultural dances and performing arts. However, if you do not want to pay for one of these shows, head to a restaurant/bar that has a performance in the evening. I went to Temple Bar and watched elaborately dressed dancers perform….before I hit the party scene!

    Khmer entertainment..at Temple Bar

    Khmer entertainment..at Temple Bar

  15. Lastly, remember that there a lot to see in the Angkor area. Explore the biggies first… Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prom and then choose the other temples that you want to visit. Don’t try to cram every think in your itinerary …you might just get ‘templed out’.

Bon voyage… its time to visit this manmade wonder and tick it off your bucketlist!

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  1. I’m planning to take a trip to SE Asia for my next birthday and love this post! I’ve heard that it’s best to get to the temples at a seriously early hour so you can watch the sunrise. Apparently people like to go only for the sunsets? The lighting is so different! I think I’d also like to take advantage of checking out the other temples at sunrise, especially if people are at the big ones!

  2. Angkor Wat is definitely in my wishlist! I really hope to go there in the year atleast! So, thanks much for the tips. The hostel looks super cool. We in India handle humid heat very well, dry heat is indeed difficult for us! Its a big relief to know that veggie food is not a problem!

  3. Some really good tips for Angkor Wat! We went at sunrise but we took snacks with us so that after the sunrise we could carry on taking some photos whilst having our snacks. so we explored the temples after the morning rush and before those who had got their breakfast back at the hotel 🙂

    Water was our number 1 essential too!

  4. Very useful tips of Ankor wat. Specially of trying out Khmer cuisine as I have never heard of this before. Being a vegetarian I suppose there are lots of variety of vegetarian food here in Angkor Wat. Also learning about Buddhism and Hinduism is great. Night life really looks lively and bright.

  5. Didn’t know Siem Reap was such a festive city, although I know it’s very touristic. The temples are so beautiful!! And I love to wander around in Asian night markets! 🙂

  6. These are some great tips for visiting Angor Wat! I’m surprised that tourists would get there so early in the morning! I’ll definitely be avoiding it and sleeping in a bit! Thanks for all your tips 🙂

  7. Thanks for the great tips. Angkor is definitely one of the places I need to visit. Loved the photographs from the unusual and intimate angles, especially the dancers and the market.

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