Must Do


Must See in Prague!

I went to Prague and Budapest earlier this year. Prague made me feel that I was walking through a fairy tale town. There was a castle with spires and music all around. Smell of cinnamon and trdelník filled the air. The sky was blue and the I could see white clouds in all possible animal shapes. It’s a pity that I was in this beautiful city, alone. I missed Ankur and thus, I shall soon be back to make sure that the romance in Prague transcends into our life as well.

10 Reasons to visit Taiwan

I am in Taiwan for a week. I am exploring the Southern, the Central and the Northern part of the country. I have seen silvery streams, emerald hills and serene lakes. I have also seen high rises, strong bridges and high speed trains. Though the Taiwanese have progressed, but have preserved their natural gifts. Technology and Nature sing together in harmony. Here are ten reasons to put Taiwan on your travel map ....

Bad Gastein: Top three things to do in summers

The Gastein valley is one of the most popular skiing areas in Austria. With over 50 cable cars and ~200 km of ski slopes, the valley attracts thousands of skiing enthusiast every winter. There are ‘after ski’ cafes to have a drink after your day on the slopes. And then, there are spas to soothe the aching muscles. In the Gastein valley, winter seems to be the peak season.