Czech Republic


Day Trips from Prague

I spent a few days in Prague, and fell in love it with the city. Many in my hostel went for day trips to interesting sites, but I stayed put in Prague and spent every evening on the Charles Bridge. Do I regret it? Absolutely not! I loved every minute in Prague. But if you are blessed with itchy feet and like to explore more, here are three day trips recommended by travel bloggers.

Must See in Prague!

I went to Prague and Budapest earlier this year. Prague made me feel that I was walking through a fairy tale town. There was a castle with spires and music all around. Smell of cinnamon and trdelník filled the air. The sky was blue and the I could see white clouds in all possible animal shapes. It’s a pity that I was in this beautiful city, alone. I missed Ankur and thus, I shall soon be back to make sure that the romance in Prague transcends into our life as well.