South America


Top 10 Things To Do In Rio

I spent a week in Rio, primarily on the beach, enjoying the sun and the surf. I loved every minute of it! I went ga-ga over the soft sand and blue waters ... it seemed impossible for me to move from the beach and hop on a bus to explore the city. However, towards the end of the week, I finally bid adieu to the lounge chair and visited some attractions of the city. Here are top ten things that I would recommend to do while you are in Rio ....

One month in South America

The year started with an exotic destination - Myanmar...the land of pagodas. And hence, I have decided to end the year with an equally exotic destination - South America. Later in November, I am off to South America for a month. I am super excited...its been on the bucketlist for far too long! I would be visiting four countries - Galapagos (Ecuador), Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. Here is a snapshot of what my plan looks like...

Destination next….

My last day at work is done. I have given back the laptop and the keys to my drawer. So, now what? Really, there is a big unknown that I am staring into. For most part of the day, it lets me dream and makes me feel excited. However, there are some moments when I do feel lost. But I have Ankur and a really supportive family, so I bounce back again pretty soon. Let me talk out loud and share my plans. For starters, I am going to live my dream and travel for a few months. Where am I going... is a truly a function of my budget. There are three regions that I am contemplating ...