Love and Marriage: Our Story!

Love and marriage are interesting topics to discuss, across cultures and countries. We had one such interesting conversation with a young man in Zanzibar, who was surprised to know that the 'arranged marriage' set up still exists in India. Well, it sure does...and it isn't a bad way to meet the love of your life, if you have the freedom to make a decision. Touch wood, six years and counting...Ankur and I are happy souls!

Destination next….

My last day at work is done. I have given back the laptop and the keys to my drawer. So, now what? Really, there is a big unknown that I am staring into. For most part of the day, it lets me dream and makes me feel excited. However, there are some moments when I do feel lost. But I have Ankur and a really supportive family, so I bounce back again pretty soon. Let me talk out loud and share my plans. For starters, I am going to live my dream and travel for a few months. Where am I going... is a truly a function of my budget. There are three regions that I am contemplating ...

Long Term Travel: Woes of an Indian Solo Woman Traveller

Earlier this month, I decided to give myself a break from the corporate grind, at least for a short while. However, having worked for over a decade, I need to have something to keep me busy. So, I have decided to travel. I have read blogs and articles on 'How I gave up all my material possessions to travel the world' to seek some ideas and inspiration; none of them seemed to help. For each of us, things are different... and reasons are different too. I have my reasons as well... and some of them still continune to nag me a little, even though I have decided to trade my formal wear for a pair of rugged jeans. Here are six things that held me back till now...