Day Trips


Amsterdam: Day Trips

Ankur and I went to Amsterdam about 4 years ago. We spent four days in city and enjoyed the museums, the parks and the walking tours (day and night). However, we did not explore anything around the city, which is a pity, as there is so much see and do all around Amsterdam. Especially during the summer months, the beaches are great picnic spots and the wind mills are ideal for pictures. The next time that we visit the Netherlands, we will make sure that we spend more time exploring little towns around Amsterdam. Here are a few day trips that are on our mind...

Day Trips from Madrid

I often get emails from my readers seeking help to plan their Spanish itinerary. Everyone wants to run to the south of Spain and hardly anyone wants to stay in Madrid. Well, if you have the same thought, think again! Madrid and its surroundings have so much to offer that you can spend about a week exploring various sites around Madrid. While I am yet in the discovery phase, here are five-day trips that I would recommend from Madrid: