Monday Musings: I See You!

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I See You!

Galapagos Islands are a few volcanic islands 900km west of Ecuador in South America. Fly into Quito, the capital of Equadoror Guayaquil, and hop onto a flight to Galapagos. Galapagos consists of a cluster of islands. Each island is a unique ecosystem of its own. The underwater life is quite spectacular.

Seal pup at Galapagos

Seal pup at Galapagos

The sea lions occupy some of the islands and have made it their home. They are literally everywhere like street dogs. The pups are very playful and you can swim with them too!

You will not be able to see all the islands but do take a cruise boat which takes you around 3-4 islands on a 3-4 days trip. 1 week is a bit too long. As it is so far away, we are all tempted to plan a lot for this trip and make advance bookings – but it is possible to backpack around the place.

The number of tourists visiting Galapagos has a cap, and the less number of tourists it has, the longer will these islands retain their natural beauty. Plan your trip before it is too late!

Must have:

  • Camera with a zoom lens
  • Good quality binoculars
  • Snorkel kit
  • Sun screen
  • Comfortable shoes/sandals with a very good grip

As an aside, vegetarians have no options in here so plan accordingly!

Picture courtesy: K Preetam

Preetam works with an IT consulting firm as a Business Analyst. He is passionate about traveling and photography.

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