Monday Musings: Lisbon – Standing Strong

Camping across the Algarve coast in Portugal has been on the bucketlist for a while. Earlier this year, we made friends with a a gentleman from Portugal who said that if we head to the Algarve coast without spending a few days in Lisbon, we would be missing something in life! So, the bucketlist item now includes the Algarve coast and Lisbon.

Today’s post reminds us of this item on the bucketlist and is contributed by Molly from Travel with Molly.

Lisbon – Standing Strong


The Moorish Alfama district is the oldest in Lisbon – the only one not to have been destroyed in the great earthquake and subsequent fire of 1755 – and it’s a part of the city where time seems to have stood still. In places, the cobbled streets are so narrow that you can reach out and touch the tall, colourful houses on either side. Washing still drapes over balconies, children still kick footballs up and down the hills and steps, people still sit in doorways and watch the world go by. The pace of life is so much slower that any visit should be taken at ambling pace – and planned with plenty of coffee stops!

Picture Courtesy: Molly

By day, Molly is a bookseller; by night, she’s a traveller, photographer, writer and professional dreamer. A self-confessed Francophile, she loves travelling all over Europe, and hopes to settle in Paris one day in the not-too-distant future. Follow her @ Travel with Molly.

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