Monday Musings: Zionkirsche, Berlin

Berlin offers history and architecture to please every discerning traveller. Amongst the many churches that the city has, the Zionkrische is special. Constructed in 1872, the church has witnessed history being created. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, opposition groups met at the church. The building suffered heavily during the Second World War and went through a rigorous restoration process.

Zionkirsche, Berlin

Zionkirsche, Berlin

“It is the history that makes this church special. I have passed it numerous times and each time, I end up imagining the action that this church would have witnessed. The views of Berlin that can be seen from the top make a Sunday morning special!” – Luis Reyes

Picture Courtesy: Luis Reyes

Luis Reyes is studying Mechanical Engineering at Berlin. Still in his early twenties, he has visited over twenty countries. He enjoys travelling, exploring architectural monuments and off-the-beaten-track locales.

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