Monday Musings: Briksdal Glacier, Norway

The Nordic countries are beautiful. They showcase Nature in all her splendour, untouched by man. Of all the Nordic countries, we have only been to Sweden as yet. Iceland is on the cards later this month and we can’t wait to get to the ‘land of fire and ice’. Hopefully, we would be able to walk in an ice cave and witness a volcanic eruption.

Briksdal Glacier, Norway

Briksdal, Norway

Briksdal Glacier, Norway

Norway, another Nordic country, is an abode of Nature’s bounty as well. The fjords, glaciers, northern lights, marine life and arctic wildlife… the is so much to see that one cannot rush out of this country in a couple of days. Today’s Monday Musing shows the Briksdal glacier in Norway, flaunting its sparkling blue streaks of ice. Did Mother Nature lose a blue ribbon, which is resting amongst the mountains? Like most glaciers on this planet, the Briksdal glacier is receding as well. The glacier used to extend meters beyond its current outline about a decade ago. Hope to get here before glacier recedes more… maybe sometime this year itself!

Picture Courtesy: Neeta Mukerji

Neeta-MukerjiToday’s picture has been contributed by Neeta Mukerji. A banker by profession, she has travelled to over 30 countries and is now speedily adding more to the list. Her wanderlust leads her to archeological and natural wonders around the world, avec family.

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