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Ankur and I got married in November 2010. It was a big, fat Indian wedding… to be precise, a North Indian wedding. I wore a pink traditional wedding dress and Ankur came on a chariot with horses. Don’t be surprised! All this is pretty normal in a North Indian wedding. All the wedding pictures are in place…but we never could manage to get a pre-wedding shoot done. We have no pictures that capture our emotions which we felt as we stepped into a new phase in life… the joy…the anticipation… the  friendly banter… the nonsensical chatter…

Festivities preceding a traditional North Indian wedding

Nothing really can be done to recreate a moment in the past, but being the determined soul that I am, I wanted to have an album that radiates our emotions as on date. Flytographer to the rescue! We first read about Flytographer a couple of years ago, just before our trip to Sweden and contemplated having the photoshoot done in Stockholm. But with sub-zero temperatures of winter in the Arctic, we dropped the idea. I was hung up on having greenery all around and hence we finalised on Bali as our photoshoot location.
Layered in clothing in the Arctic winters

Layered in clothing in the Arctic winters

Flytographer: How they work?

Flytogrpaher has professional photographers in major cities all around the world… in over 130 cities! They help you capture your special moments when you are travelling. Travelling is all about making memories and Flytographer helps you crystallise the smiles, giggles and laughter!

Flytographer....capturing our smiles in Bali

Flytographer….capturing our smiles in Bali

Connecting with Flytographer

All that we had to do was send an email using the contact form on the website highlighting our location as Bali and the tentative dates that we would be there for the shoot. Jen from Flytographer got back to us promptly and we soon froze the date and location in Bali.

Our idea for the photoshoot was to make up for the pre-wedding shoot that we never had! We wanted the fun element to come alive in the pictures. Jen took the brief and conveyed it to our photographer Gusmank in Bali and also connected us to Gusmank directly.

Experiencing Flytographer with Gusmank

With the date, time and expectations of the photoshoot decided, we met Gusmank early in the morning at about 8 am, before the sunlight got too harsh. We drove for about 30 minutes to the Canggu rice fields. Gusmank had done his homework a day prior and knew the best spots in the rice field where he could get the perfect shots – signs of a thorough professional!

A traditional hut in the paddy field at Bali

A traditional hut in the paddy field at Bali

Being with Gusmank was like meeting up with a friend. He let us be our true selves and did a great job with the candid photoshoot. Ankur and I ran around the paddy field like spoilt little children, unaware of Gusmank behind the lens! 30- 45 minutes of fun and frolic, and we were done with the photoshoot. We kept our fingers crossed and hoped that Gusmank did capture a few good shots.

Sonia Ankur 3

Ankur and I… being our usual, crazy selves!

Finally… Our Portfolio

A week after our photoshoot, we received and email from Jen along with our pictures. We eagerly awaited as the pictures downloaded. And then, as we scrolled though them, one after another…we couldn’t help but smile! We had the album that we wanted… albeit four years late… but we finally did!

Another picture from our portfolio

Another picture from our portfolio

Flytographer arranges for vacation photoshoots for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes ranging from USD 250 to USD 500. They have photographers in over 130 cities across the world. They do a perfect job of capturing memories as souvenirs when you are on vacation. 

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