Postcards from Myanmar: Photoblog

I typically share my itinerary on the blog before I set sail. However, Myanmar has been different. Preparing the itinerary has taken me quite a while… many revisions… many iterations…with very limited information. I kept my fingers crossed and hoped that things would work out well. Having spent a week in this elusive and exotic land, I can safely say none of my others trips till date have left me so enchanted! Here are a few pictures clicked during the last one week to pique your curiosity…

Hot air ballooning over the plains of Bagan

Bagan was the capital of the Barmar empire way back in the 12th century and hence, was a hot bed of architectural activity. As on date, there are over 3000 pagodas standing tall on the plains of Bagan. These pagodas are a sight to behold when seen from a hot air balloon, hundreds of feet up in the air!


My maiden hot air balloon ride!

Thisawadi Temple in Bagan

I rented an e-bike and rode amongst hundreds of temples and pagodas… some interesting enough to stop by and enter… others good enough to click a picture from the outside. On my second morning in Bagan, I saw a large pagoda that seemed empty… literally stumbled upon Thisawadi. The only company I had there was this lady selling loungis and pyjamas. Thisawadi had all that I was looking for… peace and quiet (when I got there at 8 am) to allow me to practise my yoga. It’s a must have on your ‘Temple Run’ checklist!


Young lady at Thisawadi

Kekku Pagodas in the Shan region

The oldest pagoda at Kekku is over a thousand years old while the most recent one is less than a hundred years old. These little pagodas, with their reflection in a clear pool of water are a sight to see. What this picture can’t convey is the music that the bells make… the tinkling calms me and makes me smile!


Perfect reflection!

Sankar Village on Lake Inle

I almost dropped Lake Inle from my itinerary thinking that it would be a boat ride full of tourist traps. I need to thank a traveller friend to inspire me and put it back on my travel map. The boat ride to Sankar village took me really close to Nature… a much longed for feeling for a big city dweller like me. The simple life of the villagers made me wonder what really makes each of us happy and awakened my snoozing philosophical mind!

FullSizeRender (2)

Somewhere on Lake Inle …en-route to Sankar village

Shwedagon Pagoda at Yangon

Adorned with tonnes of gold, the Shwedagon Pagoda is a sight to behold. The pagoda is said to house the hair relics of Buddha and is one of the most sacred pagodas in the entire country. The pagoda is a must visit site if you are in Yangon!

FullSizeRender (1)

Majestic Shwedagon Pagoda at Yangon

Watch this space! There is a lot coming from Myanmar!

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  1. Thanks Neeta! You must get here before the world flocks to this place. The locals in the little villages were amongst the best people I have ever encountered while travelling.

  2. Wow… I am awe struck by this freedom and views… of views of pagodas from hot air ballon… the little pagodas reflection on the water and their bells tingling… the boat ride and the golden pagoda… Your written it very well and it was very incredible to read and imagine all this. Well blogged.

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