Five reasons to visit Israel

I haven’t planned my next trip as yet. The canvas is blank and I am yet to decide. Winter is around the corner, and I would want to visit a place that isn’t gloomy…where winters are fun. I want to feel the nip in the air, yet see the sun shine. I had these thoughts in mind and could not zero down on a place…until I saw a video from Israel Tourism last night, which has put Israel high up on my list. Later that night, Ankur and I went out for dinner to a Mediterranean restaurant, which reminded me of our last trip to the Middle East, when we feasted on delicious mezze and fresh salads. Possibly, these are signs that I should consider visiting Israel soon!

If you haven’t considered visiting Israel as yet, it is time you do so. The country is home to the Holy Land, is blessed with Nature’s creations and has warm and welcoming people. Here are five reasons that are drawing me to Israel:

  1. The Holy Land: Jerusalem is considered as the Holy Land by Jews, Christians and Muslims. There are few places in the world that bring together people from different faiths.
    Jerusalem Old City

    Jerusalem Old City

    The city is important to the Jews, as legend has it was here that Abraham nearly sacrificed his son Isaac but was commanded by God not to do so. The Christians believe that this was where Christ preached, ate the Last Supper with his disciples before his death and was crucified and then resurrected. Jerusalem is key to the Muslims as it is believed that Muhammad’s nocturnal spiritual journey, known as al-Isra’ wal-Mi’raj (“the night journey and ascension”) culminated at Jerusalem, also known as Temple Mount. Old Jerusalem actually lies in the desert and mankind has destroyed and rebuilt it thrice in search for religious powers. I have been told that when you visit the site, you can almost feel how ‘powerful’ this place is. A city so important to more than half the world is definitely on my bucketlist.

  2. Dead Sea: You can float on water. You can lie on the surface of the Dead Sea and read a newspaper.
    Floating on the Dead Sea

    Floating on the Dead Sea

    I have experienced this a couple of years ago when I first ‘bobbed’ on the surface of the Dead Sea …and I want to experience it once again. I want to slather myself in the black mud and wash it off with the salty water to reveal baby soft skin. The Dead Sea is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, and is a must have destination on your bucketlist. Water of the Dead Sea is over 8 times saltier than ‘regular’ sea water, which makes it dense enough to let you float effortlessly. It is also the lowest point on the surface of the earth, with a sufficiently thick ozone layer that allows you to get a good tan, yet filters out the UV rays well.

  3. City life in Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv is situated by the Mediterranean Sea and has a coastline of over 10 kilometers. Who does not like to have fun in the sun?
    TelAviv-Beachy Sights

    TelAviv-Beachy Sights

    I have also heard loads about the party scene in Tel Aviv. The city has a rocking nightlife, with clubs that swing into the mood at about mid night. It surely seems like a city to party the night away. Israelis and locals dress up and Tel Aviv is possibly the place for me to wear my designer clothes. I have also learnt to say ‘Cheers’ in Hebrew … ‘Le Haim’…Let the party begin!

  4. Diving in the Red Sea: I have dived in the Red Sea in the past and it has been one of my best diving experiences ever. The water in the Red Sea is colder as compared to that along the equator, which, to an extent has prevented bleaching of the coral. Diving at Eilat is much cheaper as compared to Sharm-el-Sheikh (Egypt). At Eilat, sea goldies swim in a carefree manner and the area has not be run down by divers – the sea still hides treasures. Even a wreck dive is possible at the Satil wreck, which is over 30 meters long. I have never done a wreck dive, and this opportunity kindles the explorer in my soul.

    Diving in the Red Sea

    Diving in the Red Sea

  5. Food: Israel offers so much for food lovers… I stand corrected…so much for vegetarian food lovers. There is a spread of dips and varied kinds of cheese served at every meal.
    Galilee River

    Galilee River

    I am drooling at the thought of dipping some fresh pita bread into a bowl of hummus! Or maybe picking up a yummy falafel at a street food joint…or having a hot helping of Shakshouka, which is a pan fried dish made of poached eggs, tomatoes, onions, and spices, served with bread. And the wine…how can I miss mentioning wine? Fine food and fine wine go hand in hand! Wine tasting in Golan and Galilee region is high on my list!

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the trip to Israel happens soon…really soon!

Have you been to Israel? Is there something else that I should add to this list…I am sure there is plenty to do and see! What more should I add to this list?

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25 Responses

  1. Yes! Israel is an amazing country to visit (I am currently living in Jerusalem). Also check out the Sea of Galilee and the Golan, especially if you’re into wine and hiking. There are some amazing boutique wineries here.

  2. Would love to get to Israel! When we went to Jordan we didn’t have the chance to get to the dead sea. So that sounds like a great idea for when we will visit!

  3. Mallika

    One should definitely visit Israel, especially Jerusalem. Such a small country can hold up so much rich and profound history, that is something to be experienced in person. On practical travel note, food is not extraordinary compared to what I had enjoyed in Jordan and Turkey. And, it is quite expensive.

      1. Mallija

        Combination of pita bread, hummus, falafel and salad are cheapest and most easily available. But other country cuisines are there too.

  4. Israel was not our list but its on top now. We are getting to read so many posts on Israel and must agree Israel sounds so enticing with those stunning landscapes and beaches. Tel Aviv is definitely on the list 🙂

  5. I have been thinking of visiting Israel for a while now but I have not been too sure with everything that has been happening over that way. You have definitely made me want to go even more now with your lovely post. Galilee River looks amazing and the food well I love dips and varied kinds of cheese. Great read

    1. Yep…I know what you are saying. Safety concerns do come to mind as well…but really… not many places in the world seem safe these days 🙁
      So well, I will go on with my belief that good people exist everywhere …and Israel will surely have plenty! 🙂

  6. You have really opened my eyes to Israel. The Dead Sea sounds amazing and I’m all in favour of baby soft skin! Never would have picked Tel Aviv as having rocking night life!

    1. Tel Aviv apparently has some of the most rocking parties ever! I need to get there and get back to you on what Saturday night is all about! 🙂
      And the Dead Sea mud experience is so so so awesome!

  7. We just got PADI certified in April and are always looking for cool places to dive. The Red Sea sounds amazing!! Are there any large pelagics there? My husband’s a meat eat so I don’t know how he’ll fare in Israel, but I looooooove vegetarian dishes so he’ll just have to suck it up if we do visit one day 😛

    1. The Red Sea dives were awesome. None of the larger beings, but the coral is in excellent health. As the Red Sea is colder that the tropics, El Nino has not had that much of effect here and the corals have not bleached..they still have their bright colours. Most dives are shore dives that make diving easier. Btw, Maldives is a great place to dive… we saw manta rays and whale sharks at the Maldives!

  8. Israel is a place I have always wanted to go but have always been a little worried to. I remember seeing some clips of it in The Idiot Abroad TV programme and it looks incredible! The wailing wall, Holy land, the dead sea and the amazing food! Can’t wait to read about your experiences there!

    1. Planning a trip in March 2017…its a while away…but I am already excited 🙂
      There is so much history to explore…and such a lot of reading to be done. I am sure being in Israel will be interesting, but reading about it will interesting as well!

  9. I haven’t been to Israel but I would definitely go! There’s an Israeli vegetarian restaurant right at the corner of where I live and the food is so good!! I can only imagine how good it must be in Israel…..yummy!

  10. I would love to visit Israel and take a dip in the Dead Sea. I am actually at the World Travel Market these days and I will pass by the Israel Tourism Board to find out more information about the country. It definitely looks like an interesting destination, both for the eyes and for the stomach.

    1. We floated in the Dead Sea at Jordan…it is one experience that you must not miss out on ever. Even the diving, I have heard is excellent! Please do check out the diving options with the Tourism Board, if you can do so!

  11. Karla at GlobalETA

    Israel looks and sounds fascinating. While I haven’t thought too much about it, I would definitely go! The info and photos you provided help and are inspiring! Thanks!

  12. Reshma

    Hey great blog in Israel .I have been planning a trip to Jordan because Petra looks so amazing and also trying to decide if it’s worth adding on Israel because the visa is tougher to get .

    1. Honestly, I think both countries are awesome and deserve at least one week each.Israel has so much to see and exprience…so does Jordan. We did a week in Jordan, and I would have loved to have 2 days more.

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