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Favourite Sunsets

I can walk for miles, drive atop a cliff, take a boat to a lonely island, all for the want of enjoying the sunset. I don’t know why, but they truly fascinate me, each one being different from the other. I have gasped at the colours, across the world, watching shades of red, orange and grey in the sky. Throw in some bubbly and a cheese platter and I would pray for time to stand still.

Petra: Rose Red City

We were in Petra on a cool spring day. A bright morning was a good time to explore the ancient city of Petra. Perfect weather - we could not imagine walking through the rocky terrain in the sweltering Jordanian summer heat. Armed with two bottles of water, our camera and some Jordanian Dinar in cash, we were all set at the Petra entrance at 7:45 am. Our intention was to be there at 7 am. Have a heart, we were on vacation. Rising at 7 am was the best that we can do.

Jewels of Jordan: 10 Days Itinerary

Floating on the Dead Sea was high on my bucketlist. As a kid, I would look at pictures in text books and wonder if one could actually float on the Dead Sea? Now that wanderlust had made us surrender completely, it seemed like a perfectly good reason for us to pack our bags and set sail to Jordan! Well, we would have loved to set sail, but flying was a better option. Hip hip hurray!!! Off to Jordan!!!