Seychelles: Best Beaches on Praslin and La Digue

This is one post that I have had to edit many times...Ankur and I took quite sometime in agreeing on the names that should go into this list. But finally, we have our list... our top five beaches in the Seychelles. These beaches are picked up from only a handful of beaches that we could visit on the islands of Praslin and La Digue. All, except one (Felicite), are easily accessible as we cannot fathom the concept of hiking to get a beach. Working too hard to get to a beach doesn't gel well with our lazy bones, which take their truest form on a beach vacation.

Favourite Sunsets

I can walk for miles, drive atop a cliff, take a boat to a lonely island, all for the want of enjoying the sunset. I don’t know why, but they truly fascinate me, each one being different from the other. I have gasped at the colours, across the world, watching shades of red, orange and grey in the sky. Throw in some bubbly and a cheese platter and I would pray for time to stand still.