Monday Musings: Colourful Palette

Our last vacation was in Croatia during August, a country that has made us fall in love with rocky beaches. However, today’s picture, which captures a colourful sunset at the Varkala Beach in India, has made us want to sink our feet in the soft sand once again!

Colourful Palette

Varkala Beach

“Rosie and I have been traveling around the world for over 7 months now. It’s been a fast-paced, action packed half-year and it’s just started to catch up with us a bit. We needed to re-charge our batteries so decided to head down to the idyllic seaside town of Varkala on India’s West coast. The pace of life here is slow, the food amazing and the sunsets second to none. It’s the most relaxed either of us have felt during this whole journey and just what we need before heading to busy Bangkok.”

Picture courtesy: Rosie and Nick

Rosie and Nick sold their possessions and left home early 2014 to explore the world together. For more photos, stories and budget tips head over to www.blurredmoments.com and follow them on their journey.

Through Monday Musings, we share a picture with you – landscapes, buildings, animals, bounties of Nature to help you find your inspiration to travel!¬†Interested in contributing to this section? Send us an email using the ‘Contact Me’ section of the blog and we can explore the world together!

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