Enchanted Valley Carnival: Review

After quite some contemplation on whether we would enjoy EDM or not, Ankur and I went to the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival at Aamby Valley last month. We had decided to 'feel young'...go ahead and live amongst thousands of EDM fans just to experience what camping at a music festival would be like. We enjoyed the weekend a lot and met some really cool people! Besides being high on energy at Tiesto's event, we attended one of Hariharan's live performances, made dream catchers, watched a magical sunset and feasted on delightful food and cocktails.

Enchanted Valley Carnival: Reasons to go…

I love festivals... and Ankur loves music. A music festival is possibly one event that both of us would enjoy... and its time we experience one! Attending the electronic music festival of Tomorrowland in Belgium is on our bucketlist. However, bobbing with the crowds at Tomorrowland means another trip to Europe in peak tourist season, which means budgeting for the air tickets, visa, accommodation, food, etc... all of which is expensive! No... can't do in 2016! But the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival at Aamby Valley... can do!

Janamashtmi – Dahi Handi and Human Pyramids: Photoblog

Janamashtmi marks the day when Lord Krishna was born and is celebrated with great fervour across India. The next day after Janamashtmi, the Western part of the country celebrates Dahi Handi. Earthen pots full of butter milk and butter, that are dear to baby Krishna, are hung at a height of over 10 meters. Youngsters form pyramids and try to reach the earthen pot, smash it and stake claim to a bumper prize.