Monday Musings: ‘Desert-ed’ Beauty in Namibia

We have received picture perfect postcards shots from tropical beaches and snow capped mountain ranges from our readers, which will come up in future posts. However, today’s post brings out the beauty of a land where water is scarce.

The Sossusvlei region is located in the Southern part of the Namib Desert. The salt and clay pans in the region are surrounded by high dunes of red sand. Those who have ever been to a desert will surely support our view that witnessing a sunrise or a sunset in a desert is an experience that must be on one’s bucketlist. These are the times when the Sun creates magic beyond one’s imagination!

Desert-ed Beauty
Namibia Desert

Namibia Desert

“‘This is one of my classic and cherished photographs. The shot captures the beauty of the sun on Dune 45 in Sossusvlei Namibia. The brilliance of the sunrise stuns the many tourists into pin drop silence. Rolling down the 400 metre high dune is the ‘icing’ on the dessert – an experience that I will always remember!” – Shridhar Sethuram

Picture Courtesy: Shridhar Sethuram

Shridhar is private equity investor, backpacking through life, discovering and sharing the harmoniously diverse beauty of the universe. He has backpacked 93 countries, has run 13 marathons and enjoys trekking, dancing, yoga and meditation.

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