Monday Musings: Oasis in Oman

Over 80% of Oman’s landscape is occupied by desert – yellow sandy moonscapes, contrasted by clear azure water of the Arabian Sea. Let not this percentage bias your travel plans to this wonderful country. There is such a lot to do here – riding a camel while on a desert safari, jumping into the warm sea water while cruising the sea with the dolphins by your side, releasing new born turtles into the lap of Nature and splashing in puddles while enjoying pitter-patter of the raindrops. Yes, it does rain this desert nation, and it rains plenty in Salalah. During the monsoon months of July, August and September, Salalah spreads a green carpet and rolls out a blanket of mist – you will forget that you are in a desert land as you splash in puddles!

Oasis in Oman
Greenery all around - Salalah during the monsoon months

Greenery all around – Salalah during the monsoon months

Picture Courtesy: Mansi Verma


Mansi Verma

Mansi is a finance professional based in the United Arab Emirates. She enjoys travelling and exploring new places. Her travels have taken her to countries in South East Asia, Middle East and Europe.

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