Monday Musings: Posing at Angkor Wat

Another Monday, a joyful one for us – we have our own domain name now! In the weeks and months to come, there will plenty of posts and pictures to inspire you to travel!

We have been wanting to go to Cambodia for a very long time. I have even put up a postcard of the Angkor Wat at my office desk to ensure that the desire is soon fulfilled. Today’s picture adds colour and life to the Angkor Wat temple complex. Does it make you want to head to Cambodia?

Posing at Angkor Wat
At Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia

At Angkor Wat temple, Cambodia

“Cambodian girl in typical Apsara costume inside Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap. In Hindu mythology, Apsaras are beautiful, supernatural beings who are able to change their shape at will. The magnificent Angkor temple complex has over 2,000 sculptures of these Apsaras adorning the walls in graceful poses. Angkor is a UNESCO World Heritage site, spread over 400 square km and is the largest religious monument in the world.”

Picture Courtesy: Max Pace – A traveller and photographer

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