Masai Mara: Photo Blog Part II

I am glad that so many of you liked the pictures in Masai Mara: Photo Blog Part I. It makes me feel that at I had a ‘successful’ trip… it was a photo tour after all! Well, as promised, here is Masai Mara: Photo Blog Part II with five more pictures that I have picked from the thousands that I have clicked.

Black and White: There is something about zebras that makes even monotony intriguing. Is it the way the run and kick? Or the way the bite each other? Or the way the roll on the ground trying to scratch their back? Or the way they lick salt to ensure that they are not deprived of minerals? Whatever it is… I am never bored of watching these black and white animals!

Zebra Salt Lick Masai Mara (1)-1

Zebras getting their ‘salt lick’

Let’s Talk: I have ridden an ostrich in South Africa. It was quite an adventure then. In hindsight, I now feel that the ostrich would have been pretty peeved to have me on its back.

This ostrich couple in the Mara plains seemed to be having a conversation, maybe a romantic one? I am sure it was a romantic one… look at the swaying grass, the cottony clouds… its the perfect setting for a date!

Ostrich couple having a romantic conversation

Ostrich couple having a romantic conversation

Staring into Space: Here stands a topi, staring into space… totally at peace. I loved the ribs on his antlers and the silver grey patches on his legs. I wondered what was going on in his head. Was he meditating… or waiting for a young one to come back… or keeping a watch to spot predators? I will never know!

Topi... staring into space

Topi… staring into space

I’m the King! How can a photoblog on Kenya be complete without the big cat…so here he is! The young man and his lady love were on their honeymoon. This seemingly ferocious lion gently pawed his lady, who continued to act pricey. It was like college romance out of a chic-flick!

Hear me roar!

Hear me roar!

Looking Far and Wide: These innocent looking hartebeests have a ‘harte’ and a head too. They do realise that standing on top of a two feet high and hill will help them sight predators before they are sighted by the predators! Everyone knows how to survive!

Hartebeest on ant-hills

Hartebeest on ant-hills

And here ends Part II of the photo blog on Masai Mara. Are you inspired?

Many thanks to Absolute Holiday Safaris in helping me plan my four day trip to Kenya. I had an excellent guide, called ‘Animal’ by the locals. He knew so much about the wildlife and made the safaris an adventurous and learning experience!

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