Essque Zalu, Zanzibar: Review

We spent two days at the Essque Zalu resort in Nungwi and enjoyed every minute of the time spent. If we were to go back to Zanzibar, we would love to spend an entire week in this luxurious resort. Here are ten reasons to inspire you to stay at Essque Zalu…

  1. Luxury: This is what luxury is all about! Essque Zalu is possibly one of the most luxurious and premium resorts in Zanzibar. If you like to be pampered (who doesn’t?), this should be your home on the island!jetty
  2. Comfort: Every villa is large and has a comfortable bed. You will sleep soundly and might have a few sweet dreams too. There is a fairly large living area in each villa to make you feel extra-comfortable. bedThe sun bed in your own patio will let you lounge and read a book in your own space while waves make music in in the background. The family bungalows are even more luxurious and have a well equipped kitchen and massage room as well!villa
  3. Check in and check out: There is no check in or check out time. The property will ensure that your room is ready regardless of your hour of arrival. This was one aspect that we loved… it is like coming to a place where you are always welcome!
  4. Swimming pool: The property has a large infinity pool beyond which, lies the unending ocean. poolThe blues will surely calm your mind and body. Don’t miss the ice cream bar by the pool… we all need to cool down on a hot day, don’t we?infinity-pool
  5. Food: On any vacation, if your taste buds aren’t happy, you aren’t happy…in Essque Zalu, you will always be happy. The restaurants churn out delicious gourmet food that will make you feel contended. The chef went out of his way to make a delightful vegetarian food for us, which was not on the menu… a much appreciated gesture! The al fresco restaurant at the end of the jetty often has live music, which makes sunset even more romantic. More importantly, it is one of the few restaurants that we have been, by the sea side that has a quite a few vegetarian dishes to choose from…vegetarians will surely not feel neglected here!sandwich
  6. Breakfast: The breakfast spread is sumptuous and is available till about noon… you don’t have to wake up early on a vacation! The staff at the restaurant takes care that your day has a rocking start…regardless of the time that you come for breakfast. I was given a packed breakfast the day I left for my dive early in the morning to ensure that my day starts well.breakfast
  7. Sunset and sunrise: Essque Zalu is located at the northernmost tip of Zanzibar. Its location is perfect to enjoy the sunrise as well as the sunset for them very same spot. You can walk on the jetty and look towards the west to enjoy a gorgeous sunset along with a sundowner. cheersA few hours later, head to the same spot and face the east to watch the day break! Have you ever been to such a place …it was the first time for us. platform
  8. Tour and travel desk: There is a lot to explore in Zanzibar… history of Stone Town, underwater world, plant and animal life. The tour desk at the resort will help you plan your days on the island by providing tours at competitive prices.
  9. Service: Thumbs up for service levels at Essque Zalu… from your welcome drink to bidding goodbye… it is always service with a smile. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for the staff at the resort.service
  10. Spa: The spa at Essque Zalu has some very interesting and unique treatments that we haven’t seen anywhere else in the world. One of the them is a massage in the Maasai hut, with freshly made natural cosmetics. The treatment is accompanied by Maasai singing and a couple of goats as well, to make you feel that you are in an actual Maasai village.swing

Disclaimer: We were hosted by Essque Zalu for two nights to enjoy the sun, sand and the sea at Zanzibar. However, as always, our views continue be our own. If we were to visit Zanzibar again, we would definitely head back to Essque Zalu for a few days. To book your stay at Essque Zalu, click here

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10 Responses

  1. Just wow – this is truly the definition of luxury. I am really impressed by the beauty and relaxing vibes of this place. My day would be like:
    eating – go into the water – relaxing in one of these swinging chairs and repeat the procedure 🙂
    Thank you for sharing this impression.

  2. I just got back from Zanzibar 2 weeks ago, spent 3 nights at Nungwi and it was amazing! Your post just refreshed all the beautiful memories of the Island. Love the infinity pool and the cottages look very cosy. A perfect place to enjoy the pristine blue beaches of Zanzibar.

  3. Ohh Zanzibar looks so enticing. I can’t decide which part appeals to me more: the pool, the plush bedroom, the colourful cocktails or the blue ocean. I’ve been meaning to go to Zanzibar but have not made it there yet. I’m definitely going now!

  4. First of all, I love how you have laid this blog post out, really nice and clear 🙂
    The hotel looks so elegant and luxurious!! We would love to visit Zanzibar but perhaps next year! Would definitely head to this hotel 🙂

  5. This feels and looks like a true luxurious escape indeed. I love the view from the Infinity Pool plus the bridge that extends to the ocean. The view is just breathtaking and I would love waking up to that!

  6. Essque Zalu looks like a spectacular place to stay in Zanzibar! I’m not necessarily a person for luxury, but I’m sure I’d enjoy a stay there to treat myself. Rates are what I’d expect for such a luxurious place. Is there a best time to go or seasonal rates to look for or is it pretty similar all year round?

  7. Essque Zalu looks like an amazing resort – in the paradise that is Zanzibar. It’s wonderful that they make extra efforts for vegetarians. Not all resorts would do that. Sounds like you had a great stay. Would love to go there!

  8. All I can say is what a perfect place it is for a vacation. The pristine water, the delicious food, the comfortable bed and the romantic ambiance. What else do you need. I will definitely check this hotel out when I visit Zanzibar

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