Vegetarian Must-Eats in Argentina

I was told that being a vegetarian would be tough in Buenos Aires, a city that is famous for steak and meat. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the options that I had while I was in the city. I was well fed all the time…rather…I was over fed all the time! As a vegetarian, here are a few things that I would recommend you to try…

  • Empanadas: They are there everywhere…with various fillings! My favourite was the corn stuffed empanada, followed by the one with spinach and cheese. While they are often served warm or cold, the ones that I enjoyed the most were the piping hot ones in Los Inmortalles. In two days, I ate here thrice….which says a lot!
Empanada with spinach and cheese
  • Dulce de leche: This sweet, sticky delight was my go to spread at breakfast. It tastes like toffee and is REALLY sweet. I spread it on warm, buttered multigrain bread, which I enjoyed with a cup of hot coffee with milk… perfect start to a cold and rainy day!
Dulce de leche with flan
  • Pizza: The pizza in Buenos Aires is courtesy the Italian immigrants who moved here a couple of centuries ago. The pizza base is little thick and there are plenty of vegetarian options to choose from. Pizza Guerrin is a popular local choice and the ‘white pizza’ (without tomato), with spinach is a local favourite. The portion sizes are huge in Argentina…so order accordingly!
Vegetarian Pizza at Guerrin
  • Alfajor: The Argentinians LOVE their sweets. The most famous Argentinian sweet is the alfajor – soft cake like biscuits that sandwich sweet, sticky, gooey layer of dulce de leche. The best place to try an alfajor and get buy many of them is Havanna cafe. There are many Havanna outlets all around the city and you can also buy Havanna branded alfajores from Carre Four. In case you miss buying your alfajor stash in the city, you can also get it at the airport duty free. 
  • Wine…Wine…and more wine: Argentinian wine from Mendoza is famous all around the world. I tried the red Melbec wine and loved it. However, I usually ended up having white wine because I like it so much more. It made me feel ‘happy’ very soon. Wine, in Argentina, is very cheap as well, in restaurants as well as in the grocery stores. I would highly recommend buying wine from the city and packing it in your bag instead of picking it up at the airport. 

While there isn’t too much on this list, trust me, there is enough and more to ensure that you are full and satiated even though you do not eat meat. 

Bon apetito, amigos!

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